Waliul Islam Nohan

?Name- MD Waliul Islam Nohan
?Institution- DIC (Dhaka Imperial College) ex ISCian

?What I do ? – I’m a front-end webdeveloper , Digital Marketer and
SEO expert and soon I’ll be Fullstack developer.

?How many language I know ? well I knw HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT,
?And what about WordPress? Yea I did a course of #woocomarce
Plugin . I can do wordpress expert level things .

?what I did ? I compleated more then 10 projects out there some
International projects
?What I do now ? recently I’m working with some great startup
company who have great innovative ideas also I opened a IT
solution page where I provide Freelancing tips and tricks free of cost
and serve my local customer
and working on my own skill and giving me some challenge like

?My workplace: 1.Westechbd (Working as a Content editor and bot
designer )

2.Gk Network: working as a Co-Head of Web Development {https://www.facebook.com/waliulislam.nohan/posts/726916691495805}
3. Fiverr: Working as a web developer and Digital marketor {https://www.facebook.com/waliulislam.nohan/posts/724418118412329}
4.Problemki Digital marketing achievement {https://www.facebook.com/waliulislam.nohan/posts/724698668384274}
5. My page :{https://www.facebook.com/waliulislam.nohan/posts/713982489455892}
6.My youtube channel link {https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp1xzsG9vpc6FqSGco901wg?view_as=subscriber}
7.My unofficial demo website link {https://freelancernohan002.000webhostapp} plz add < .com >extention cz its free
8.Recently I challenged my self for a impossible task ; {https://www.facebook.com/waliulislam.nohan/posts/733981180789356}
9. BARC(Bangladesh Astronomy Research Center): Working as a Web developer in core team (https://www.facebook.com/waliulislam.nohan/posts/738553360332138)