The participants have to make a PowerPoint presentation from selected topics related to Astronomy. The judgment will be based on the quality of the slides as well as the contents. There will be two rounds. The first round will be a submission round and selected participants will go for final round in Google Meet. It’s totally individual event.

                                                   PRELIMINARY ROUND


Preliminary Topic:   “Solar System”
Submission Deadline of Preliminary Round: August 12, 2020
Result Date of Preliminary Round: August 15, 2020

Final Round: August 22, 2020 [Only selected participants]

Submission Email:
Rules and Regulations: 
1. The participants have to make a power point presentation after selecting a topic.
2. A person can send maximum one presentation.
3. Please edit your files by mentioning Event Name & Participant name eg. PP_Participant Name.
You have to email us your presentation:
Email Subject: PP_Participant Name.
The body of the mail must contain following details.
Participant’s Name:
Contact No:
4. Judgment will be done prioritizing the slide.
5. Selected participants will move on to finals from each category.

                                                                 FINAL ROUND:

The selected participants will compete in this round with their new presentation through Google Meet app. They will give their presentation at Google Meet live. The meeting link will be given through mail.
Topic:  Will release on August 15, 2020 at 8pm
Submission Deadline of Final Round:   August 19, 2020
Final Round:   August 22, 2020 at 4pm