Mapping the Milky Way at 21 cm Wave Length with SALSA Radio Telescope

Mapping of the Milky Way is a galactic mapping at 21 cm Hydrogen spectrum to determine the Spiral Structure of Milky Way Galaxy in different Galactic planes from Galactic Longitude 6-225 Degree and Latitude 0-35 Degree. The whole project has been completed with Haystack SRT type model Small Radio Telescope called SALSA “Such a lovely small antenna” (or in Swedish: “Sicken Attans Liten Söt Antenn”) and refers to our small (2.3m) radio telescopes situated at Onsala Space Observatory in Sweden. Anyone may control these telescopes via internet for free. SALSA is a part of the European Hands-On Universe project, EU-HOU, to bring front-line interactive astronomy to the classroom. Most SALSA users observe emission from hydrogen in the spiral arms of our galaxy, the Milky Way. These observations can be done via web-browser during day-time as well as night-time, and even in bad weather. Using SALSA one can make a rough map of the spiral structure of our galaxy by himself or herself. It may also be possible to find evidence for dark matter! For more information on how to use the telescope, please see the documentation available at this page.