Rules and Regulations-:

⭐️ Rules and Regulations-:
1. It’s a team-based event where each team should consist of maximum 3 members. If someone wishes he/she can even participate with only one teammate or solo.
2. There is no institutional boundary in this quizzing event.
3. 60 teams to complete registration through the ‘Google Form’ link will be allowed to participate in this event.
4. All of the quizzes will be held in ‘Google Meet’ and those will be Buzzer round.
5. There are in total 3 rounds for the quiz. They are: Preliminary, Semi-Final and Final. 3 matches will be arranged for preliminary. In the Semi-Final 2 matches will be arranged. Only 6 teams will proceed to the Finale.
6. All the quizzers are requested to respect the fellow quizzers and any type of cyber harassment will result in immediate disqualification.
7. In any case of dispute, the decision of the quizmasters will be unchangeable and final.
8. The topics for the quiz are: Astronomy and Astrophysics.
9. All kinds of cheating are strictly prohibited in this tournament. There will be certain ‘Trap questions’ to eliminate all unethical participants. Any concrete proof of cheating will cause immediate disqualification.
10. After the completion of the registration process, all the selected teams will be added to a Private ‘Messenger’ Group.
11. Payment must be done before registration.
🔴 Registration fee: 150 Tk
🔴 Bkash number: 01770551007