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Bangladesh Astronomy Research Center(BARC) is an organization of highly motivated people in Bangladesh. Its vital motto is to spread astronomy and create a strong astronomical research community within the country and provide a common platform for all astronomy enthusiastic people. We are doing amateur research right now and we are letting people know how to start.As well as we are focusing on outreach through various kind of workshop,online classes and events. During this COVID-19 season, we are arranging a vast amount of online programmes where people are being motivated in this field.



We want to make a strong astronomy research community as well as a vast amount of people who loves and work in this field. 


Our focus

Astronomical Research

We are trying to make a big astronomical research field in Bangladesh.

Astronomical Outreach

In our country, we are trying to spread astronomy to every single people.


We are doing observations and sky camps through our telescopes.

An Extraordinary Community

We are trying to gather a bunch of astrogeeks to make a better community.







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শুন্য থেকে অসীমে

Mohammad Hasin Ishraq

July 02, 2020



রহস্যময় গোলাপী গ্রহ (The Mysterious Pink Planet)

Hasibul Hossain Rifat

July 02, 2020



পৃথিবীর আকাশে ঘুরে বেড়াচ্ছে নতুন এক ধূমকেতু

Shams Ibn Hossain

July 10, 2020


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A bunch of acclaim from some awesome people
BARC is a wonderful organization to join & work along with experienced people in the field of space science & astronomy. Collaborative & friendly atmosphere makes it a perfect place for cosmo-researchers of Bangladesh to work together not only locally (i.e inside Bangladesh) but also globally. I admire it's potential & wish it's success for future.
Arghya Chatterjee Jony
Mechanical Engineer, BUET
BARC is a wonderful platform to promote astronomy all over the country. They are doing amazing. They are showing astronomy guideline to our students as well as astronomy enthusiast people. Keep working like this way as always. We are always with the BARC from Bigganchinta for any kinda help.

Abdul Gaffar Roni
Co-Editor, Bigganchinta
BARC is an awesome place to learn astronomy. They are promoting astronomy and science all over the country. They are doing awesome and ya it's a very good place to know astronomy and science.

Ahmed Rakin Kamal
Lecturer, Brac University


BARC is an absolutely wonderful organization

BARC is an absolutely wonderful organization. In a country like Bangladesh, it is very hard to study and research about Astronomy. Since the very beginning of its journey, BARC is trying to help all those people who have a tremendous interest on the subject. They have successfully organized various events and workshops and these helped people so much. I am really happy to be a member of this awesome organization.

Muhammad Wacy

Ideal School & College

BARC has become a great organization

Within a very short time, BARC has become a great organization for not only the students of schools, colleges, universities but also for the people who are greatly interested in Astronomy. They are organizing events with lots of segments which has encouraged me to carry on gathering knowledge on Astronomy. I’m really proud to be a member of BARC and wish that one-day BARC will get International Recognition.

Arnob Sutradhar

Civil & Environmental Engineering, SUST

BARC policymakers here are very energetic

BARC works with astronomy. Although it is new, the policymakers here are very energetic. Everyone concerned works with interest, the results of which are already being seen. In Bangladesh, Astronomy is very unpopular for High School students. But if BARC goes on like this, I think it will be a huge revolution not only for high school students but also for the country’s astronomy. Perhaps through BARC, higher studies or research in astronomy in the country will start in a new way. There are many good wishes for BARC and astronomy in the country.

Fazley Rabbi Anon

Physics, Govt. Bangla College

BARC is a wonderful organization working to spread the enthusiasm of astronomy all over Bangladesh

From my childhood I felt a strong attraction for astronomy. I always wondered about stars, black hole, planets. I had many questions but I couldn’t find the answers that satisfy my hunger of knowing the unknown. I always dreamed of an organization that would allow me to learn more and help me to research. One I met Bangladesh Astronomy Research Center (BARC). It was a dream come true for me.
Personally I learned lot from BARC. BARC is a wonderful organization working to spread the enthusiasm of astronomy all over Bangladesh and mark my word it is a distant future when BARC will get bigger and will be successful in their goals and spread a new mania in Bangladesh, the mania of Astronomy. Actually BARC is like a family to me. They are so friendly! They are like brothers and sisters from another mother. I am really proud to be member of this awesome. Thanks a lot BARC for all the great things you have done so far and the things you will do in future for the astronomy sector of Bangladesh😊😊😊

Swapnil Mahmud

Bangladesh Navy College, Chattogram

This center also helps us for knowing different events which going on in the sky

This center also helps us for knowing different events which going on in the sky, so it’s very wonderful.

Foysal Rony

Agriculture Engineering, Patuakhali Science and Technology University

BARC is one of the organizations I’ve ever satisfied with its Strategies,Goals and unprecedented Astronomical activities

As an Astronomy Research platform, BARC is one of the organizations I’ve ever satisfied with its Strategies, Goals, and unprecedented Astronomical activities. There are many Astronomical Organisations including clubs and Institutions here in Bangladesh, but the fewer numbers are energetically active. I’m really thankful to BARC for building such an amazing, interactive and learning-friendly platform for young astronomy enthusiasts from schools, Colleges as well as Universities. There’re many astronomy enthusiasts who are really innovative and autonomous here and there in our country, but having gaps for the proper platform and BARC is the platform which is on the way to meet these gaps and fill the thirst of skills and knowledge regarding astronomy for its enthusiasts and well-wishers. Government, ICT division, stack holders, experts, and policymakers should come forward to fuel this interest and its activities towards innovative Bangladesh for collaborative creation. Hope, BARC will be boosted ahead in the future. Best of luck for

Monir Hossain Sarek

Department of Anthropology, University of Chittagong


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